A game about the Internet.  Takes 5 minutes, give or take.  Play by typing commands.  You might have to click the computer screen to get it to start taking input.

Written in Javascript for MiniJam #47.

I used a bunch of external resources in making this...

This Broughlike tutorial was extremely valuable:  https://nluqo.github.io/broughlike-tutorial/

monitor image:  https://www.classic-computers.org.nz/blog/2012-07-28-trs80-model1-monitor-repair...

Madlib parsing code by Chris Moyer.

Stole array shuffling code from here:  https://vanillajstoolkit.com/helpers/shuffle/



Updated 12 days ago
Published 14 days ago
TagsReal time strategy, Retro, Text based

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Hey! This was fun :)

I found the way you made adds work with this type of interface quite clever

I'm having difficulty playing this. The game doesn't seem to capture all input in Firefox, so every time I press spacebar, the page scrolls.

I added a bit to try to prevent this and republished it.  Give it a shot now?

Works a lot better, thanks, although apostrophe kicks in the search bar. I'(click)m a fan of Extremely Online and quite like the styling.

The latest build works great for me. Thanks for the updates!